Currently : University of Hawaii Printmaking

The printmaking studio at the University of Hawaii Manoa has always held a special place in my heart. It is where my journey began as an artist and I will never forget it's unique atmosphere; from the sound of the press beds to the smell of the chemicals & inks, it is a place all to familiar to my senses.

I recently had the opportunity to hang out in the studio and talk with some of the current BFA cannidates in Printmaking. Check out their show coming up; PAUSE: Bachelor of Fine arts Exhibition 2014. 

Nikon F2 : Kodak Trix 400


The overall shape of the printmaking community in Hawaii is changing. With a new generation of printmakers intermingling  with well established artist, the juxtuposition of new and old and analog vs digital is ever so present. 

.5ppi is a collaborative pop-up print installation brought to you by the Honolulu Printmakers and the University of Hawaii Printmakers. Led by the new executive director of the Honolulu Printmakers; Duncan Dempster, .5ppi invites the community to get involved in the process of manually printing pixels made of woodblocks to create an overall picture that resembles a digital image.